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ChemE Car

ChemE Car is a competition team that builds small cars powered by chemical reactions! Each car has one starting mechanism and one stopping mechanism, and competes against cars from other regional schools in a competition in April. Some current/past mechanisms include:

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Aluminum Air Battery
  • Thermoelectric Battery
  • Luminol Clock
  • Bleach/Dye Clock
  • Proton-exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell

Contact: cmuchemecar@gmail.com

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ChemE Cube

Several members of CMU’s ChemE Cube team at the 2021 AIChE Student Conference in Boston, MA. Pictured are Build Lead Kevin Chang, President Lance Miller, Vice President Yerim Lee, and Treasurer Alayna Mikush. Photo taken by Professor Robert Tilton.
Team members Lance Miller and Alayna Mikush take a selfie with Carnegie Mellon’s president, Farnam Jahanian, at the first annual Global Clean Energy Action Forum.

ChemE Cube is an annual student competition, launched in 2021 and hosted by the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, where university teams design, build, and demonstrate a 1 cubic foot mini-plant that solves a real world problem in the chemical process industries. Teams compete on the basis of the cube’s performance, merits of the technical approach, and the business case.” ChemE Cube is a well-rounded competition encompassing a broad range of interests including engineering design, manufacturing and fabrication, “Shark Tank”-style entrepreneurial pitches, video compositing and editing, and graphic design.

2021 Prompt: “Modular On-Demand Water Purification for Developing Countries”

Carnegie Mellon’s team placed 3rd in the 2021 competition! We were excited to represent CMU and perform in this competition’s pilot event. Our 2021 Cube also received the award for “Best Design” at the December 2021 TechSpark Design Expo.

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The AIChE ChemE-Pals program helps enhance student’s academic and professional life through pairing ChemE students into Big (junior or senior) and Little (freshman, sophomore, or upperclassman transfer) pairs based on professional aspirations and personal interests. For incoming students, participation in this program will highlight the various opportunities our department has to offer such as research, industry networking, and on campus club involvement. Involvement in the program will help first year students decide if Chemical Engineering is the right fit for them.

This program will be especially beneficial in the current hybrid schooling system as it allows students to vicariously experience life on campus though their ChemE-Pals. It also allows students the opportunity to connect with someone they wouldn’t have met otherwise in the coming school year. Students can fill out this Google Form to be placed into pairs.

Networking Dinners / Info Sessions

CMU AIChE holds networking events for Carnegie Mellon students where corporate representatives come to present the objectives of their company and inform students of company background, employment, internship, and co-op opportunities. This is a great way for students to engage and networking with industry professionals in a more casual setting to learn about the many career paths available to chemical engineers. Many students find these sessions informative and important in solidifying their choice to major in chemical engineering. 

Check our calendar for upcoming events! Email us with any questions!

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